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Aug 1, 2023

This blog describes the format of our Truvius Quantamentals series.

This post is a quick “user-guide” for learning the format and how to get the most out of our Truvius Quantamental series.

Each blog starts with macro commentary and then proceeds to the following two sections:

Asset Class Roundup

Purpose of this section: this section includes performance metrics for major asset classes — not just crypto—as well as summary commentary for each metric. We provide a general pulse of crypto in relation to other major markets, including equities, bonds, and commodities. These metrics include correlations, performance, and realized volatility.

What to look for: it can be difficult to contextualize crypto’s performance characteristics in isolation. We think crypto deserves a place in investors’ portfolios and should thus be evaluated in the context of a broader asset mix.

  • Use the correlation table to see how (or if) crypto is diversifying to other asset classes

  • Use the performance table to view which asset classes have outperformed or underperformed

  • Use the volatility table to assess asset class risk and compare this table to the performance table to get a sense of risk-adjusted returns.

General read time: 3 minutes

Digital Assets

Purpose of this section: this section focuses specifically on crypto performance and crypto “quantamentals” from our models, alongside our commentary through the lens of our various products. Use this section to assess sector-based performance within the overall crypto landscape and to see what our models are saying about certain assets.

What to look for: quickly see which sectors have been outperforming vs. others (and vs. Bitcoin) and then jump into our “Quantamentals” section to learn what our systematic model is telling us about the fundamental drivers of certain digital assets.

Our models incorporate a combination of proprietary on-chain and off-chain digital “quantamentals” that we consider meaningful indicators of digital asset strength. We apply a quantitative process to these fundamental signals in order to systematically monitor network (on-chain) and trading (off-chain) activity.

Use the “Quantamentals” section to learn about how fundamental signals can be used for crypto investing and to see featured aspects of our quantitative process.

General read time: 3-5 minutes


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