Announcing the Truvius Product Learning Series

Dec 22, 2023

We are beyond excited to announce the launch our deep-dive video learning series for crypto investors. In these three product videos, we explore the differences between passive and active investing, how Truvius uses quantitative investing techniques for crypto, and the differences between our systematic actively managed portfolios — Alpha and Smart Beta.

Ahead of a potentially transformative 2024 for crypto, investors should take steps to acclimate themselves with what’s available to them from an investment product and accessibility standpoint. The types of products discussed in these videos represent accessible, investable, multi-asset SMAs that will be available through the Truvius platform.

In these videos, we start from the ground up — starting with understanding basic passive exposure to crypto markets, then examining the Truvius strategic portfolio allocation approach, and finally stepping through the details of how we use quantitative practices to actively manage your portfolio with the goal of outperforming a benchmark.Read on for a synopsis of each video and click the links to start learning today:

Video: Market Portfolios

Market Portfolios represent our most passive investment solution, and they typically represent a broad portfolio of crypto assets weighted by each asset’s respective market capitalization, just like you’d see for other common investment products for asset classes like stocks, bonds, and commodities. However, Market Portfolios also play another important role at Truvius. Not only are Market Portfolios a product option, but they also serve as the benchmark for the Smart Beta and Alpha versions of the portfolio.

Video: Smart Beta Portfolios

Smart Beta combines the intuitive simplicity of passive investing with some of the advantages of active investing.Smart Beta seeks targeted exposure to certain investment themes. Using these themes, we mechanically tilt the portfolio toward assets we consider stronger and away from assets we consider weaker, incorporating crypto-specific economic fundamentals with the goal of outperforming Market Portfolios

Video: Alpha Portfolios

Alpha portfolios represent our best thinking through quantitative active management, harnessing the full suite of signals in our actively managed investment models. Specifically, Alpha portfolios seek positive outperformance vs. the corresponding Market portfolio, and are implemented in a way such that these excess, or active, returns are by design uncorrelated to the benchmark.

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