2023 Content Roundup: Truvius in Coindesk

Dec 21, 2023

In 2023 Truvius became a publicly recognized and trusted voice for thought leadership in the digital assets industry, with much of our thinking and commentary published through CoinDesk, the premier crypto news outlet and index provider for digital asset investors of all sizes. Below we roundup the blogs, podcasts, and videos that were widely circulated by CoinDesk over the year:


2024 Crypto Market Outlook for Advisors

Ahead of a potentially major leap forward for the crypto asset class in the coming year, we provide a 2024 crypto outlook for investors seeking to diversify their overall asset mix and enact a thoughtful digital assets allocation plan.

What Correlations Tell Us About the Value of Multi-Asset Crypto Portfolios

In this piece Truvius co-founder Max Freccia shows how investors focusing solely on bitcoin forego more than they may think, and that broader multi-asset crypto portfolios offer may more robust diversification characteristics versus single-token concentration.

Setting Boundaries: Defining Active and Passive Management for Crypto

For digital assets, “active” and “passive” investment options are still only nascently defined and starkly lacking in both sophistication and ease of access. In this piece, Truvius co-founder Max Freccia examines the current landscape of investment options and the forward-looking considerations for institutional crypto investors.

A Closer Look at Market Cap-Weighted Crypto Portfolios

In this piece for CoinDesk’s Crypto Long & Short Newsletter, we analytically assess how investors can utilize blockchain-specific signals as a supplementary or alternative asset weighting scheme vs. a purely passive market capitalization weighting scheme.


In the below episodes we provide macroeconomic commentary, discuss crypto industry trends, and analyze recent digital asset performance.

CoinDesk Market Index Week in Review - Dec. 23, 2023

Episode highlights: year-to-date crypto performance, major potential 2024 crypto catalysts, and thematic drivers of recent digital asset markets.

CoinDesk Market Index Week in Review - Dec. 2, 2023

Episode highlights: economic data showing slowing inflation, the thematic drivers of performance for various crypto sectors, and insights about Decentralized Finance.

CoinDesk Market Index Week in Review - Nov. 11, 2023

Episode highlights: the value of “Alt-Coins” and the fundamental drivers of recent outperforming crypto assets.


Schwab Network: Coindesk Indices To Partner With Truvius For Diversified Sector Indices Exposure

In this video, host Nicole Petallides speaks with Head of Research at CoinDesk Indices Todd Groth, CFA to discuss how CoinDesk and Truvius are partnering to bring multi-sector crypto portfolios to investors. Learn more about our partnership with CoinDesk.